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Structural Integrity's Materials Services

Structural Integrity provides a full range of metallurgical expertise and delivers clear, consistent, and accurate information to support a comprehensive understanding of your materials issues.

Failure Analysis Is Valuable Because Failure Prevention Is Critical

Proactively analyzing components to assess current condition (as part of overall asset management functions) or to identify failure modes and causes is helpful for business planning, addressing safety concerns, and implementing technical changes helping to reduce and eliminate future failures. We also have the capability to leverage the broad depth of industry expertise and services across SI. Our deliverables are clear, consistent, and accurate.


Structural Integrity’s Material Science team has over 100 combined years of experience in performing materials analyses related to power and industrial systems and components. This experience contributes directly to the ability to provide accurate results when identifying metal and component damage mechanisms and causative factors.


SI’s Materials services are enhanced by SI’s broader corporate experience related to power plants and general industry, which includes extensive design and manufacturing knowledge, stress analysis and modeling services, and non-destructive testing expertise.  SI’s team approach can be easily leveraged to provide multi-faceted failure analysis and engineering services.


When the risk of ongoing or repetitive failures is not acceptable, getting to the root of the problem is critical. SI has the capability to understand our clients’ problems, and the desire to provide value in the form of meaningful recommendations on serviceability, operational improvement, material selection, and failure avoidance.

Materials Services Mission:

To provide a full range of metallurgical expertise, and to deliver information in support of a comprehensive understanding of our client’s material issues.


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