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Metallurgical Lab Case Study: Contaminant Identification

A small metallic particle that had contaminated a product line was brought to SI’s Materials…

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Metallurgical Lab Case Study: Corrosion Fatigue in WaterWall Tubes

Increasingly A Safety Concern as Coal Plants Cycle It is well known that conventional coal-fired…

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Materials Lab Featured Damage Mechanism: SH/RH Fireside Corrosion in Conventional Coal Fired Boilers

SH/RH Fireside Corrosion in Conventional Coal Fired Boilers Superheater/reheater fireside corrosion is also known as…

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Example Grade 91 High Energy Piping DMW Joint Stress & Metallurgical Analysis

Determining a course of action once in-service damage is discovered often requires applying a multi-disciplinary…

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Metallurgical Lab – Dissimilar Metal Welds (DMW) in Boiler Tubing: The Need for Confirmation

As plants age, the need for inspection for service related damage to ensure unit reliability…

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Unusual Hydrogen Damage Failure

By: Wendy Weiss, Tony Studer, P.E. While hydrogen damage is most often associated with severe…

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Applications & Benefits of Optical Microscopy

In the world of metallurgical failure analysis, areas of interest on broken parts can be…

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Misuse of Flex Pipes

By: Tony Studer Flexible metal hoses exist in numerous configurations, lengths, and diameters and have…

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Misinterpretation of Shock Wave Damage

By: Tony Studer Slag consists of molten, partially fused or re-solidified deposits on furnace walls…

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Polythionic SCC

By: Wendy Weiss Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) was asked to examine a section of…

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Stress Accelerated Grain Boundary Oxidation (SAGBO) in Nickel Alloys

By: Amanda Robinson, Tony Studer Modern nickel-iron superalloys have enabled certain high pressure components, such…

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